Administrative Support

Juggling all the calls, shipping and staffing on your own will stress even the most seasoned business owner. Here are nine ways to help eleviate the day-to-day burden.

Whether you are just opening a new business, or you have an established business and it’s time for budget crunching, there are several options to consider and decisions that must be made.



Our Values

Integrity is the building block of trust and is essential to our continued success. 

Truth, respect, and confidentiality are an integral part of our interactions with our employees, community, suppliers, and our clients. 

Execution is the achievement of shared goals. Results are achieved by rigorous planning, tenacious follow-through, and clear accountability.

Teamwork is a collaborative effort that leverages the strengths of each individual while working toward common goals. We work as a team to create an environment of mutual respect and trust.

Commitment is the personal obligation of each employee to accomplish the goals and objectives of the team. As a team we are committed to maintaining a safe and positive work environment.

Superb Back Office Talent

When you have a complex problem you want to have confidence that your partner is up to the task. Tops has a highly trained, experienced staff that can help you sleep at night. We have solutions for your toughest problems.  TOpS because of her vision and passion to help companies help themselves. Sandy's 35 years of knowledge and experience in Call Center and Operational Management, combined with her commitment to quality, strong client relationships, and superb technical talent, Sandy has developed TOpS'reputation as the premier back office firm in the Western United States.

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to our own people, commitment to our customers, commitment to finish what we start -- it's just part of what drives us toward genuine excellence. We will decline potential engagements (and have) rather than put your project at risk through poor planning, mediocre technology, or lack of resources.
With TOpS at your side you will experience the depth of our commitment to you.

We Build Strong Relationships with Our Clients

Contact us for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION solution assessment for your business today!

Ask yourself:

  • Would you like to reduce expenses associated with staffing, such as benefits, workman's compensation insurance, systems, paying for idle time when there are no orders to process, and management oversight
  • Would you like your orders go out the same day that they come in?
  • Are you currently paying extra shipping charges to get your products from west coast vendors to your current fulfillment site?
  • Would you like to be able to take advantage of our discounted UPS and UPS Mail Innovations rates?
  • Do you want all of your orders to go through a quality review process by which two people check each order?
  • Would you like access to an on line inventory tracking system that provides real time web access at any time?
  • Rather than paying for a warehouse with empty space would you like to pay only for the space you are using?


Are there tasks that you need completed to make your business successful, but it’s truly not a good use of your precious time? And, you don’t really want to have the challenges of employing an assistant; management of time, personnel issues, absences due to illness and vacation, overhead expenses of phones, office space, and systems, employee benefits, workman’s compensation insurance, and the list goes on.

Would you like to know that you can assign tasks and then leave the responsibility with someone else to get the job done in an expedient and proficient manner?

Have you hired a Virtual Assistant before? You counted on him / her being available when you need tasks completed and then find that they have already planned a two week vacation and can’t provide the support you need?
Would you like “one stop support” when it comes to all of those things that need to get done, but that you don’t have time to prepare, process, and complete?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the questions above you really need to call us!


  • All VAs located in one site and it's in The United States
  • You will never be without a virtual assistant as there is a back up to perform duties during absences.
  • Quality assurance will be completed on all tasks.
  • State of the Art technology through TOpS
  • Streamlined processing to ensure fast and accurate results
  • Confidentiality is important to us

Our Call Center representatives can handle all of your inbound and outbound telephony needs. Our staff is trained, tested, and their quality is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that your customers receive the highest level of service available from any call center anywhere in the world!

  • Order Taking, Returns Processing
  • Customer Service, Complaint Handling
  • Insurance Agent Product Training
  • Medical Device User Education and Technical Troubleshooting
  • Life Insurance application processing, including exam scheduling
  • Merchant account application processing
  • Dinner, Seminar, and Event Reservations
  • Outbound sponsorship, customer relations, and appointment setting calls

RocketLauncher Instructions

Note: All sample content images will be replaced with blank versions in the RocketLauncher version.

RocketLauncher is a customized Joomla install, that installs a replica of the demo onto your site - inclusive of sample data, content, extensions, the template and sample images.

Note: We always recommend installing a RocketLauncher first to trial and understand the template more efficiently.
It must be installed as new, and not over an existing Joomla install.

Step 1 - Upload

  • Download the RocketLauncher (
  • Unzip to reveal the rt_modulus_j15-rocketlauncher folder
  • Upload

Note: You can upload all the files via FTP, or use cPanel or SSH to upload the zip and unzip directly onto the server. Enquire with your hosting provider.

Step 2 - Installation

Ensure you click Install Sample Data during installation, otherwise your site will be blank.

Essential Files

Files required for the template to function:

  • Template (Standalone) rt_modulus_j15.tgz - Standalone template file without the Gantry Framework.
  • Template (Bundle) rt_modulus_j15-bundle.tar.gz - Template plus the Gantry Framework.
  • RokNavMenu first) or - Required for the menu to work.

Additional Files

Ancillary files for the template:

  • Source PNG(s) - Adobe® Fireworks PNG source file(s) and any applicable fonts.
  • Source BG PNG(s) - Adobe® Fireworks PNG Background source file(s).
  • Extensions - All extensions for the template.
  • RocketLauncher - Demo replica installer.

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